30 New-Ish Healthy, Fun And/Or Delicious Food & Drink Discoveries You Can Order Online Today

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With everything happening in the world, there is still a lot of uncertainty going around. But everyone needs to eat, and there is no shortage of exciting food and drink offerings to order online. If you are searching for new food discoveries, you’ve come to the right place as I have been monitoring the latest and greatest from online retailers. Here are 30 recommendations available for ordering today.https://www.youtube.com/embed/GcH3QWulyQI

Cauli Crunch

Cauli Crunch consists of bread-free bread crumbs made from all-natural cauliflower. As a superfood and “good for you” bread-crumb alternative, Cauli Crunch supports a healthier lifestyle and is gluten-free, Non-GMO, all natural, kosher and vegan. Thus, health-conscious enthusiasts alike can further rethink classic “comfort” dishes like chicken tenders, crunchy mac n’ cheese and casseroles by giving them a veggie twist. Cauli Crunch crumbs are only 100 calories per serving, adding the same crunch that panko bread crumbs do, yet arguably with more flavor and less guilt. Flavor options include Original Crumbs, Taste Of Italy and 7 Spice, as available at local Whole Foods markets near you.

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